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The Use Case Manager allows you to easily administrate your use cases and extrapolate progress to a burn down chart. This is still very much a work in progress. It's developed in C# and uses Habanero.

See a blog charting the creation process.



Not particularly exciting at this point. The UI needs alot of work in terms of Usability, but here's a quick how-to to help you get started. You need to name your project before saving it. Navigate to the Project screen and enter your project's name and customer.


Save the project from the file menu. Then go to the Package screen and add a package. Now this part may seem unecessary, but the reason we add Use Cases to both a Package and a Release is so that the Package can act as a static representation while the Release's content can change.


We add Use Cases to the Package using the Use Cases screen.


This is the planning stage. Add Releases using the Releases screen. You can choose to specify your own Drop dates, or click the Create Drops button to create Drops of one week duration for each week in your Release time span.


Assign Use Cases to Drops, and mark them as completed in the relevant week.


And view your Burn Down Chart to monitor progress.


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